After much time, sweat and tears, we have come to the final stage of our online presence. It is the stage where we put all out hard work, ideation, prototyping and iteration of these processes into play


As explained in my previous ideatingandprototypingposts, JLifeStyleee had endured many FEFO experiences. This was interpreted through feedback loops where us BCM114 students produce content for our DA’s (mine being images of outfits and styling suggestions), this being our input.

IMG_9375 2.jpg

We then receive feedback from our audiences on whether our input was successful in intriguing them to interact with our content in any way.


Although my folloqing has grown from when I first created JLifeStyleee, I did not receive the responses I had hoped for, with my most popular recent post only receiving 27 engagements.




This is seen as the audiences output which we then use to refine our inputs and focus on what the audience wants to see.

Unfortunately, with my extremely busy schedule, I had faced many difficulties in producing content for my DA, with only one individual that I had completely outfitted / styled.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 12.21.59 am.png

As a result of this feedback loop, I decided to consider alternative options, which is when I was approached by my aunty who was seeking assistance with the online presence of her business LifeWorx Massage.


With a following of only 106, there was much room to grow and a lot of potential for the growth of the business’ brand awareness. With this I have begun the ideating process, yet again thinking, observing and defining before beginning to prototype new and improved aspects of the company’s social media outlets and possibly giving it a whole new look.

Animated GIF-downsized_large-2.gif

As I always say, when one door closes another opens, and with sacrifice, comes success. With that, we say goodbye to JLifeStyleee and hello to the possibilities of LifeWorx Massage. Keep a look out and see what’s to come in the life of Jasmine Montana

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