Trajectories of convergence part 2

Today’s advancements in technology have raised many new concerns involving copyright. With copyright laws and content control, the industry argues that without copyright laws outlining ones intellectual property, there would be a lack of creation of new ideas.

However, memes, being pieces of cultural information, ideas, perceptions and actions that are transmitted and replicated throughout populations and societies from mind to mind makes us question to what extent the ‘Fair User’ applies. The memes consist of many copies of one original idea, all with slight variations, with the freedom of the internet and there no longer being any gatekeepers for the media shared, the quality control is challenged.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 4.11.35 pm.png

The image above for instance was made within a few minutes through imgur and shows how easily anything can be taken from the internet and be remade to have a different interpretation or meaning.

So the question is, is there enough being done to ensure the purpose and character of the use – the nature of work being used – the amount of work used and the effect of the use on the value of the original?


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