Trajectories of convergence part 1

If not us, who?

The Occupy Wall Street Movement was one of the first to demonstrate the dynamics of new space and what can happen when people are connected and talking to each other.

Today, audiences have changed from passive consumers to active makers, users and participants. We are no longer only consuming content and using the media as a product, but are producing, sharing and consuming as well as using the media as conversation – producing, aggregating and curating.

Thanks to advancements in technologies “… passivity is the “logic”of this technology. The mass media intensify the patterns of crowed silence, a passive witness.” (Richard Sennett, The Fall of Public Man, p.283) no longer applies. People have the ability to access the media at any time with anyone having the ability to change the perception of any event, as anything found in the media can be entered at any point.

This raises the fact of the medium being the message. If the medium was taken away, information would be centralised, however, once again with today’s advancements in technology, everything has become distributed (more and more people can communicate).


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