The power of networks part 2

Memetic warfare – How have concerns related to graphic designers led to ideas of propaganda?

Well, graphic designers like to have control over what is created and shared though the media. Memes however, have increasingly taken over the internet, with individuals creating many copies of the original meme, with slight variations. This allowing any person to make the meme about whatever they want and use it however they want. Take Pepe the frog for instance, there have been many copies of these created as reaction pictures with slight variations.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 4.37.13 pm.png

With there no longer being gatekeepers for the creation or distribution of media, the concerns of media being used as propaganda have risen.

Edward Bernays, a successful propagandist for United States during World War I deployed his propaganda techniques peace time and in consumer advertising and renamed it public relations, this “creating pictures in the minds of millions” and showing how propaganda can be considered the propagation of memes.

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