The power of networks part 1

Distributed journalism and collective intelligence

Journalists used to package news for us un a bundle, and we used to buy it from them because we trusted them, and essentially there was no other way to get it. However, now due to rapid advancements in technology, journalism and every element in the model is in a professional crisis.

When people compare newspapers and the internet, they now see the same information given, however, one you must pay for to receive in a physical form, and the other is free, available to anyone at any time. This has made individuals through an ‘authority’ vs ‘involvement’ perspective, or in other words ‘us vs them’. This is a representation of how media has changed journalism from being ‘one to many’ (all information distributed from one source – newspapers), to ‘many-to-many’ (any person having the ability to distribute information at any time).

This raises the question; can anyone be a journalist?

I’ll leave that for you to decide

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