Cable Beach, Broome – August 2015

I have been to Broome on two seperate occasions, and it was just as good both times however, this photo was from the second occasion. It was about mid way through my camping trip around Australia in 2015, so in August. We stayed at Cable Beach Caravan Park and by the time we had gotten to Broome, we were all exhausted after an extremely long drive, so we decided that we’d spend a few extra days of course exploring, but also just relaxing. On this particular day, we had all decided that we were going to do our own thing, whatever that was; so I decided I was going to catch up on some reading and relaxing by the pool. With temperatures in the mid to high 30’s it was definitely easy to get burnt and dehydrated, so I was making sure I was drinking plenty of water and re-applying sun screen every time I got out of the pool. 

Thankfully though, by that time, we had been on the trip for over a month, closer to two, so my body had adjusted itself to the temperatures and the atmosphere; pretty much, I had gotten used to close to 40 degree days, and sometimes even hotter – that was my new normal. So after the long day of relaxing my the pool, we all wanted to go down to the beach for some dinner and to watch the sun set.

I went and showered, put on my white top and skirt and I looked like I had just gotten a fresh spray tan in the darkest shade possible, thankfully, my sun screen had worked well because I was barely burnt, but my choice of clothing made me look as though I was glowing as the sun was setting, it was quite funny and I was quite proud of how dark I had managed to get. So other than that, we walked down to the beach and, like every night, the camel riding tour came past, so I started taking some photos so try and capture how beautiful everything was at the time, as see in the image above.

We then went and got our burgers and chips for dinner from the Cable Beach general store and cafe and sat on the grass hills up from the beach so we could continue watching the gorgeous sun set before going back to the campgrounds to sleep.

I DEFINITELY suggest making an effort to travel to Broome! I absolutely loved it, there is so many activities to do which I will discuss in further posts and the scenery is absolutely amazing 


Thanks for reading,


Jasmine xx

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