Port Macquarie – April 2016

For my 16th birthday a group of 6 of us stayed at my Aunty’s holiday house in Port Macquarie. As seen in the photos, her house looked over the water, so every night we would watch the most gorgeous sun sets down on the wharf before going to dinner at a restaurant called Beach House.

On the hot days, we explored to the rapids aka Mount Boss Sate Forest, which is like a rock pool / river type thing with surrounding cliff faces and running water, we all climbed to the top part of the river with our inflatable boats then floated down the river. The one thing we all said, was no falling in in the deeper part if the river, which of course, was the darkest part, without doubt, were all floating down and one of the girls decides that she needed to pee, making the other girl she was in the little boat with, fall out and into the deepest part of the river. As we were all trying to help her back into her little boat, the rest of us fell out so, everyone started freaking each other out because it was the one part of the river where we couldn’t stand and the one part none of us wanted to fall into.

Eventually though, with my parents laughing at us all while they watched us from the side, struggling to get back into our inflatables, we floated down down the river, back to where we could stand and essentially, where we could see what was on the floor under us.

After that, we spent the day relaxing in the sun and swimming before once again, watching the sunset and going out for dinner.

This is great for a little, relaxing, weekend holiday away, you have beaches and plenty of night life and I definitely recommend paying Port Macquarie a visit some time in your life.

Thanks for reading,


Jasmine xx

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