JLifeStyleee – By Jasmine Montana

About me:

I have worked in the fashion / retail industry for a year and a half and am currently a student at University of Wollongong, studying a Batchelor of communications and media, as well as studying at Orana Fashion Business College. I’m a city girl that loves dressing up and going out, but also loves camping out in the middle of nowhere, or as I like to call them, hidden paradises.

Thanks to my experiences of working in retail, I’ve grown to love everything fashion and aspire to pursue a career in the social media and marketing side of the fashion industry. I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel around Australia camping and 4 wheel driving on twice, both for 4-5 months, as well as being able to travel to New Zealand and New Caledonia on cruises; and it was through these experiences that I also grew a love for travel.

I have decided to create my Instagram page @jlifestyleee as part of one of my university subjects, however, my goal is to continue this and grow a following for as long as possible, even after graduating.

My main reason for creating this site is to express my interests and experiences and hopefully inspire others. By posting different looks and styles, I hope to assist anyone and everyone that is looking for styling and fashion tips or even people who are just interested in fashion. I also want to share my travel experiences with people and inspire people to want to travel, especially to places that they’d never usually think of travelling to.


To anyone reading this, I hope my experiences assist or entertain you,

Thanks for reading,


Jasmine xx

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